Zanussi ZTE7101PZ Tumble Dryer Reviews

The Zanussi ZTE7101PZ is a tumble dryer. It has no frills or fancy features. Many people wonder if this dryer is fancy enough to be great? We out it to the test in our lab to see how well it dries cloths and how much energy it uses. Check out our review on the Zanussi vented tumble dryer.



– Dries clothing really fast

– Dries clothing evenly

– Leaves few creases in the clothing

– The dryer is easy to use


– Not too high tech

– A little on the noisy side

More about the dryer

The dryer is vented and made by the Zanussi brand. The dryer must be set up near a window or vent to run the exhaust hose to the outdoors. This particular model dryer can fit up to 7kg of cotton or 4kg of synthetic material at one time. This is the average amount of clothing that a dryer can hold.

The dryer has automatic sensors for easy programming. There are also timed options for drying.

When the lint filter is filled a light will come on to remind the user to empty it.

What does the dryer excel at?

There are many strong features to this dryer. The best is that the clothing dries quickly. Cotton dries in no time. Synthetic material dries quickly as well.

The clothing is dried evenly including large items like sheets and towels. They will not be left with annoying damp spots.

The dryer is great for people that do not like to iron. There are few creases in the clothing. If a person does iron the clothing will be smooth and even in no time.

The dryer is easy to use. The controls are easy for a person to figure out.

This dryer does tend to be a little on the noisy side.

Compared to other dries the clothing will get dried but it uses the average amount of energy to dry the clothing. The running costs will vary based on technical specifications.

Should I purchase this dryer?

This dryer is a good thing to purchase. It has a fair price and will dry clothing quickly.

The White Knight B44Aw vented tumbled dryer is inexpensive as far as dryers go. It has a small capacity making it better for smaller homes and for people that are looking to purchase dryers on a budget. This model dryer does tend to dry clothing quickly. Many still wonder is it energy efficient to run.



The dryer dries clothing fast, evenly, and does not cause the clothing to wrinkle.


Can be tricky to use and is rather noisy.

This dryer does a good job with the basics but when it is running it can be rather noisy.

More about the dryer.

This dryer is vented and is made by the White Knight brand. You will need to hook the dryer up where there are windows or other vents. This will allow the water vapor from the dryer to be released outside and not in the home.

The dryer is not large in size. The drum of the dryer can hold 6kg of cotton and 2 kgs of synthetic fibers. This is fine if a person has small loads of laundry and does not have to deal with large piles of dirty clothing.

There are no fancy sensors on the dryer but the drying time seems to get the clothing dry. You are able to set the drying times that best fit the needs of your clothing .

The dial on the control panel is easy to understand and will show the user how much time is left before the clothing is done.

What does the dryer excel at?

The dryer is fast at drying the clothing especially both large and small loads of clothing.

The dryer will dry the clothing evenly so that certain pieces are not wet and soggy.

The clothing will not wrinkle so a person will not have to spend a lot of time with an iron to make the clothing crease free.

What should I look for in this dryer?

The drier is user friendly and there is a small door. The lint filter is easy to clean.

The only problem with this dryer is that it is noisy and will not do well in a room with the family.

What else?

The dryer does not use a lot of energy but is around the average running cost for a dryer.

Be sure to clean out the lint filer often

Should I purchase it?

It may be a good investment if you are looking for a smaller dryer.

Miele TDA 140C Tumble Dryer Review

The Miele Dryer is a well known brand, with high quality products, but they can come with a high price tag. The Miele TDA 140C tumble dryer has 13 different programs ranging from things like automatic drying to wrinkle-free drying. The price is 599, much higher than some other brands, but is the unit worth the price? Check out the following review to see for yourself.


Pros of The Miele TDA 140C
This dryer is easy to use with its control panel and settings that are simple to operate. It works effectively at drying your clothing and is also faster than many other dryers at getting your clothes completely dry. The sensors in the dryer are accurate so that it doesn’t waste energy over-drying and clothes don’t sit damp in the dryer before they were completely dry.

Cons of the Miele TDA 140C
This dryer has no real issues other than the high price tag. The energy usage is average for dryers of its size so it won’t cause an increase in electric usage.

Information About the Dryer
The Miele TDA 140C is a condenser tumble dryer with sensors to tell the dryer when clothes are dry. This allows for energy savings since the dryer turns itself off when clothes are done. Because it’s a condenser dryer, it collects condensation in a tank which must be emptied when full. This process is made simpler by the ability to attach a hose to the tank so the waste water drains automatically and you don’t have to manually empty the tank.

The drum will hold around 7kg of cotton laundry which equates to about 20 men’s shirts at 70% capacity. 70% was used here because it tends to be the average capacity to which most users will fill the dryer. The digital display tells various information like how much drying time is left and when the condensation tank needs to be emptied. The 13 different drying programs have settings to do specialty drying like de-wrinkle, or dry delicate clothing like woolens. The technical specifications in the manual can fully explain each of the 13 settings.

What Does the Dryer Do Well?
The Miele dryer is great for drying both cottons and synthetics quickly which can help so much if you have a huge pile of dirty laundry to get through. And since the drying sensors are accurate, you won’t waste time or energy over-drying your items. The ‘iron-dry’ setting will leave your clothes just damp enough to make ironing easier. The control panel is also very easy to navigate and moving through the settings is simple.


The dryer’s design make is easy to load and unload. Also, since you should always empty the lint trap after each use, this dryer has made it simple to do so.

Other Useful Information on this Dryer
This dryer is a great appliance and really has no faults. It uses average energy for the size of the unit so there are more efficient ones to be found on the market. It isn’t the best at removing creases, but it does an acceptable job.

This dryer is a good option for most people. It is unlikely to disappoint. However, do your research as there have been other Best Buy condenser dryers that may be a better option for some.

Indesit IDPE845A1ECO tumble dryer Review

Considering the fact that Indesit IDPE845A1ECO tumble dryer is an efficient energy saving model by using low energy when drying even large loads of laundry, this dryer is really priced quite economically low, which makes it very affordable. Is this a really great dryer, or is this only a dream? This dryer was sent to a lab to undergo major rigorous testing.



The pros for using this dryer include the fact that the dryer does use low energy and does not cost much to use. It is easy to use and dries all the clothing relatively evenly.

The cons in relation to the usage of this dryer involve the fact that it is quite slow at drying the clothing, it allows some moisture to get out and it is rather bothersome with the loud noise that it emits.

It is true that the low price appeals to people to make them want to possibly buy this dryer, especially when this dryer is so budget friendly to run. But the down side is that it slow in performing the drying of the clothing and is too loud when functioning.

What can it do and how does it work?

The Indesit tumble dryer has the amazing capability of being able to dry up to eight kilograms of cotton clothing or four kilograms of synthetic fabrics, which is significantly more than what most dryers can handle. This dryer allows you to dry more than twenty pieces of cotton clothing at one time.


This model uses a condenser heat pump. The dryer collects water into a device which needs to be emptied after every drying load. The heat pump make a large reduction in the energy required to dry the clothes, which saves you money. If you do not like the idea of having to empty the water device, you can make use of the hose that is included by redirecting the water to a drain that is nearby.

The drying is automatic and the dryer has sensors that know when your laundry is ready. From time to time, it does happen that some articles of laundry do need some extra drying time. This is sometimes the case when items are large. Therefore the extra drying time function is very convenient.

This dryer comes with some nice features to make your life more simple. There is a display timer to show how much time is left before your clothes are finished drying. There are lights that function as reminders to empty the water device and lint dispenser. Be reminded that this does not have a child safety lock feature. You will like the time delayed start button.

What are the great advantages of this dryer?

The primary advantage of this Indesit tumble dryer is that it is able to run at a very low cost because of the inclusion of the heat pump. You can figure out how much the annual costs of using this dryer are by referring to the technical specifications page of this review.

It does dry large items such as sheets and towels very evenly in all parts and this means that there will be no damp sections of the items once the drying cycle has come to an end.

This dryer is easy to use. Putting laundry in the dryer and getting laundry out can be done without any complications. The controls that are well laid out are easy to use and navigate.

Are there any important this to take note of regarding this dryer?

This dryer does not dry items quickly. All the programs run longer than they would for most other types of dryers. Small cotton loads do take quite a long time to get completely dry. If a person needs to dry clothing in a fast amount of time, this is not the dryer to purchase.

The condenser system traps moisture poorly, which means that a lot of moisture does escape. If you are going to use this dryer, you need to use it in well ventilated area.

Also, this dryer is loud during usage and therefore should be put in a room and is not appropriate for an open living area.

Is this dryer worthy of your purchase?


Likely you will not be much better of by buying this dryer. The low cost of running the dryer is not enough of an incentive to make it a really great dryer.