Indesit IDPE845A1ECO tumble dryer Review

Considering the fact that Indesit IDPE845A1ECO tumble dryer is an efficient energy saving model by using low energy when drying even large loads of laundry, this dryer is really priced quite economically low, which makes it very affordable. Is this a really great dryer, or is this only a dream? This dryer was sent to a lab to undergo major rigorous testing.



The pros for using this dryer include the fact that the dryer does use low energy and does not cost much to use. It is easy to use and dries all the clothing relatively evenly.

The cons in relation to the usage of this dryer involve the fact that it is quite slow at drying the clothing, it allows some moisture to get out and it is rather bothersome with the loud noise that it emits.

It is true that the low price appeals to people to make them want to possibly buy this dryer, especially when this dryer is so budget friendly to run. But the down side is that it slow in performing the drying of the clothing and is too loud when functioning.

What can it do and how does it work?

The Indesit tumble dryer has the amazing capability of being able to dry up to eight kilograms of cotton clothing or four kilograms of synthetic fabrics, which is significantly more than what most dryers can handle. This dryer allows you to dry more than twenty pieces of cotton clothing at one time.


This model uses a condenser heat pump. The dryer collects water into a device which needs to be emptied after every drying load. The heat pump make a large reduction in the energy required to dry the clothes, which saves you money. If you do not like the idea of having to empty the water device, you can make use of the hose that is included by redirecting the water to a drain that is nearby.

The drying is automatic and the dryer has sensors that know when your laundry is ready. From time to time, it does happen that some articles of laundry do need some extra drying time. This is sometimes the case when items are large. Therefore the extra drying time function is very convenient.

This dryer comes with some nice features to make your life more simple. There is a display timer to show how much time is left before your clothes are finished drying. There are lights that function as reminders to empty the water device and lint dispenser. Be reminded that this does not have a child safety lock feature. You will like the time delayed start button.

What are the great advantages of this dryer?

The primary advantage of this Indesit tumble dryer is that it is able to run at a very low cost because of the inclusion of the heat pump. You can figure out how much the annual costs of using this dryer are by referring to the technical specifications page of this review.

It does dry large items such as sheets and towels very evenly in all parts and this means that there will be no damp sections of the items once the drying cycle has come to an end.

This dryer is easy to use. Putting laundry in the dryer and getting laundry out can be done without any complications. The controls that are well laid out are easy to use and navigate.

Are there any important this to take note of regarding this dryer?

This dryer does not dry items quickly. All the programs run longer than they would for most other types of dryers. Small cotton loads do take quite a long time to get completely dry. If a person needs to dry clothing in a fast amount of time, this is not the dryer to purchase.

The condenser system traps moisture poorly, which means that a lot of moisture does escape. If you are going to use this dryer, you need to use it in well ventilated area.

Also, this dryer is loud during usage and therefore should be put in a room and is not appropriate for an open living area.

Is this dryer worthy of your purchase?


Likely you will not be much better of by buying this dryer. The low cost of running the dryer is not enough of an incentive to make it a really great dryer.